Used Dairy Equipment

Used Dairy Equipment

Looking for used dairy equipment & used food processing machinery?


Used Dairy & Food Processing Equipment


Our equipment comes mostly straight out of factories and is still running or has been recently excluded from production. We can offer you reasonable prices, because we sell directly and do not us large storage halls. Our used dairy equipment is usually in a very nice state, because it was regularly maintained and taken care of.


Every customer and every product have their own needs and expectations. We offer professional consulting by experienced project engineers to assure that the equipment can be perfectly integrated into running production processes or to-be-built-factories. As a family owned business we have the highest interest in longterm customer satisfaction.


In cooperation with PHIMAR – Process Engineering we offer a full engineering service from A to Z for your project – whether it is a single line or a whole production plant. Starting with technological planning, delivery of components and ending with startup. PHIMAR is your partner from the planning phase until the first product is taken off the conveyor belt.

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Used 10000 kg / h Falling Film Evaporation Plant Manufacturer: WIEGAND Type:  – Year of M.: 1984, Completely refurbished in 2002 Capacity: 10000 kg / h Used for concentration of sweet whey and skim milk Concentration up to 50 % Siemens S7 Control System installed Documentation available Still in Production, available from February 2017 This used falling film evaporator… Read More

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Used TREPKO Butter Wrapping / Packaging machine Manufacturer: Trepko Type:  PMG 2 Year of M.: 1996 Capacity: 40 – 100 packs / minute Packages: 75 – 11mm Length, 30 – 75 mm Width, 25 – 50 mm Height This used butter wrapping / packaging machine is available for sale in Poland. It is used for forming & wrapping butter… Read More

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Almost New Filling & Sealing Machine for Rectangular Cups in Food Industry   Manufacturer: Servofill Type:  AFL2-B Year of M.: 2010 Capacity: up to 60 packs/minute This machine has only been used for one week. It was originally bought together with a washer to pack and seal salads into different cup-packages of 200, 300, 400, 500 or… Read More

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Used Pasteurization 2500 l/h, milk processing and filling line This is a complete milk pasteurization, filling and packaging line into PET bottles for 2500 l/h. It consists of the following: Separator Seital, Type SE13x, Year 1993, 2500 l/h Heat Exchanger KMA, Type K21-FS/4273, Year 1998, 2500 l/h Homogeniser Niro Soavi, NS 3018-H, Year 1998, 2500… Read More

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Used Aseptic Filling Line for 1l Packs Manufacturer: IPI Type:  NSA 70 1l Square Year of M.: 2010 Capacity:  4000 pcs/h  This is a complete aseptic filling line for 1l packages of juice or milk it consists of an IPI Filling machine and also: Cap Applicator Manufacturer: Dominici Type:  MT80 Year of M.: 2010 Capacity:  5000 pcs/h CardboardPacker Manufacturer: Autopack… Read More

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Used Bucket Filling Line for 5 and 10 kg We have a complete bucket filling line available for sale, that consists of: Bucket-Washing-Cleaning Machine Manufacturer: Peboeck Type:  PSD 143.3 MSD Year of M.: 1996 Capacity: 500 on one lane, 1000 buckets on two lanes The washing line is cip-cleanable. Also it includes a connection to the filling… Read More

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TREPKO PMG-2 Used Butter Forming & Wrapping Machine