Tetra Pak UHT Steriliser 6300 LPH

Used UHT Steriliser 6300 LPH

— SOLD —

Now available we have a used UHT Steriliser, manufactured by Tetra Pak in 1995 with a capacity of 6300 LPH. It may be used for sterilising products such as Milk, Cream and Juice. It uses a Alex-25 homogeniser and fills direct into a TBA/8- 1000. The Control System uses SattCon 05-45/ OPC5.

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: UHT Steriliser
Year of M.: 1995
Capacity: 6300 LPH

including e.g.:
• Tetra Alex 25 Homogeniser
• Control System
•PHE for extra cooling

Further details available on request.


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