Used separators and bactofuges for the dairy industry.



Equipment Type Make Model Capacity Additional Info
Milk Separator Alfa Laval HMRPX 614 HGV 10000 l/h Fully Refurbished MORE
Milk Separator Alfa Laval MRPX 214 TGV 10000 l/h Fully Refurbished MORE
Milk Bactofuge GEA Westfalia  CNE 215-01-076 25000 l/h SOLD MORE



 Milk separator , Cream separator , Bactofuge and Clarifier for sale:

  • Clarifiers may be used to clarify Milk or Whey, by removing non-milk-solids. Very popular models may be found on our homepage such as GEA MSE or MSI Separators.
    The warm or cold milk is removed from the bowl by a pump. Solids accumulate outside in a separate chamber. The solids are being discharged from the bowl in selected time intervals.
  • Bactofuges are needed in the dairy industry to remove bacteria, spores and other unnecessary microcells from milk or whey. Bacteria in milk are very heat-resistant, therefore it is more efficient to remove them by separation and not with heat-treatment.
    We always try to offer used bactofuges in different capacities of 10000 – 20000 l/h such as:
    Westfalia CNE, CND , CNB  or Alfa Laval BBRPX, BMRPX models.
  • For the production of strained ( greek ) yogurt, quark, cheese or cream cheese special nozzle separators have been designed. Especially the  Westfalia KDA or KDB series is known for it’s efficiency in the production of cultured dairy products