Used Complete Euroblock Cheese Production Line

This is a beautiful complete cheese production line for sale. It is capable of producing around 35 tonnes of cheese per day in Euroblock forms.


Used Complete Euroblock Cheese Production Line

Daily Processing Capacity of 360.000 l milk

Cheese Dimensions: 39 x 28 x 10 cm, each block 12 kg

YoM from 2000 onwards

Siemens S7 Control System for the complete line

Available Immediately

Line Consisting of:

  • 4 Used Cheese Vats SCHWARTE, each 16.000 l
  • Two Used Cheese Pre-Presses
  • Two Used Cheese Main Presses
  • Resting Table
  • Used CIP for Cheese Moulds / Forms
  • Conveyors and Transporters
  • Two sets of used cheese moulds / forms for Euroblocks each 140 pcs.
  • Automatic Collectors for Whey, Tech. Water, CIP and Milk, CIP
  • Complete Automation System Siemens S 7
  • Salt Bath (excl. basins – 84 containers, container cleaning station, conveyors, pumps, valves fittings


  • Furocawa VR 8620 Vacuum Packaging Machine
  • Microfiltration for Whey
  • Nanofitration (concentration with partly demineralisation) for Whey