Used Dairy and Food Processing Equipment For Sale

Used Dairy & Food Processing Equipment For Sale


Modern machinery.

Owing to our vast network and great capabilities of PHIMAR, we can provide you with access to various types of appliances and equipment that will improve food processing or food packaging processes. Our offer includes, among others, food packaging machines, used dairy equipment and used food processing equipment. The equipment that we offer is cutting-edge, functional and fully operational, as it was recently excluded from production and can still serve its users for long years.

All our food packaging machines and used dairy equipment are reliable and have very diverse technical parameters, thus each of our clients can find in our offer the right solution tailored to his needs.

A team of engineers at your service.

Used food processing machinery is not all that we can offer our clients. Our highly qualified and experienced team comprises automation engineers who can design various automation processes both for entire production plants and single machines or production lines. They use only cutting-edge technologies and solutions that meet your needs, which guarantees that you invest in a solution that will allow you to significantly improve your operations.

We offer engineering planning and technological planning for dairy engineering and the food processing industry, creating solutions that will be effective for years to come. We handle your orders from beginning to end – from the planning phase through supplying components and used food processing equipment to the launching of the prepared technology.

Moreover, we also ensure full support and consulting services. Simply contact us and introduce your problem or needs.

Why is it worth to place your bet on us?

  • We offer excellent quality food packaging machines, used dairy equipment and used food processing equipment;
  • We have a vast number of solutions at our disposal, each tailored to the needs of the dairy industry and the food processing industry;
  • We ensure comprehensive planning of technological processes and support for both small family businesses and large production companies;
  • We offer competitive prices owing to direct sales without the need to collect the equipment in spacious warehouses;
  • We have experience in the field and our team comprises highly qualified automation engineers who can ensure support for each client.