Ampack Amman AA4 Cup Filling And Sealing Machine

— SOLD —

Used Cup Filling and Sealing Machine 95mm – 115 mm

This is a Ampack Amman, type R/AA4 used Cup Filling and Sealing Machine we have available for sale. The year of manufacture is 1989. The machine has 4 lanes for cup dimensions from 95 mm up to 115 mm. The capacity for 250 g cups is 2160 kg/h, for 500 g cups it is 4320 kg/h.
Manufacturer: Ampack Amman
Type: R/AA4
Year of M.: 1989
Capacity: 36 cycles at 4 lanes, 2160 kg/h at 250 g cups, 4320 kg/h at 500 g cups

Including e.g.:
• Siemens S5 Control
• Crate Erector (Ampack Amman, SH4)
• Printer
• CIP Cleaning Station (including 2x stainless steel tanks, ~ 500 l each, for the Cup Filling and Sealing Machine)

For further details please submit an inquiry. The machine is not in use anymore.
All Data provided are non-binding.


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