Used Complete Pasteurization and Milk Filling Line

Used Pasteurization 2500 l/h, milk processing and filling line

This is a complete milk pasteurization, filling and packaging line into PET bottles for 2500 l/h.
It consists of the following:

Seital, Type SE13x, Year 1993, 2500 l/h

Heat Exchanger
KMA, Type K21-FS/4273, Year 1998, 2500 l/h

Niro Soavi, NS 3018-H, Year 1998, 2500 l/h, max. 150 bar

Balance Tank 50l, Stainless Steel

Tank 3000 l
Bertsch, Year 2009, 3000 l

Bottle-Storage with Conveyors, Vertical Conveyors
Mathis-Walter, Year 2009, 126 bottles per packing unit

Filling machine for PET-Bottles 1l
Serac, Type 3000, Year 2009, 900 bph, Sterilisation with UV

Sealing (Caps), Labelling, Printing Set

Cardboardpacker for 9 PET bottles, 1l

Electrical Cabinet with Control System for complete line

The line is in excellent condition and can still be seen installed in the dairy.
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