Used Cheese Processing Equipment.



Equipment Type Make Model Capacity Additional Info
Casomatic Cheese Press Assembly Tetra Tebel Casomatic 750 kg/h Euroblock Forms, Edamer, Gouda, Tilsiter


Cheese Forming Columns / Presses KALT For Cheese Blocks


Cheese Forming Columns / Presses TETRA PAK TEBEL  CASOMATIC  –  Hard and Semi-Hard Cheese Types Production


You will find all available machines & equipment needed for the process of cheese in this category.
Offering plants or single machines we will always take your individual technological needs into account and provide you with the experienced know-how of PHIMAR – Process Engineering, to make sure that our equipment will be the tailored solution you were looking for.
Our offer includes:

  • Cheese Forming Columns and Presses
  • Cheese Cutting , Portioning and Packaging Equipment
  • Cheese VATS
  • Cheese Ripening Tanks