Used Bucket Filling Machine

Used Bucket Filling Line for 5 and 10 kg

We have a complete bucket filling line available for sale, that consists of:

Bucket-Washing-Cleaning Machine

Manufacturer: Peboeck
Type:  PSD 143.3 MSD
Year of M.: 1996
Capacity: 500 on one lane, 1000 buckets on two lanes

The washing line is cip-cleanable. Also it includes a connection to the filling machine:

Bucket Filling and Sealing Machine

Manufacturer: Waldner
Type:  DOSOMAT 20/4 ED
Year of M.: 1996
Capacity: 1000 buckets at 10kg per bucket

  • Products that are currently being filled on this line:
    Yogurt, Stirred Fruit Yogurt, Cream, Tworog
  • Filling Temperature 4 – 48 C
  • Filling Volume of 2,5 kg up to 10 kg, controllable via steering panel
  • Siemens S5 control system
  • CIP-Cleanable Dosing System


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