Used APV UHT Infusion Plant VTIS with aseptic tank 16.000 l

Used APV UHT Infusion Line with VTIS

Manufacturer: APV
Type: Infusion Line for ESL and UHT Milk (with aseptic tank 16000 l)
Year of M.: 1997
Capacity: 8000 l/h

This is a used APV  UHT line with infusion system. It is capable of producing ESL (Extended Shelf Life) Milk.

Aseptic Tank 16.000 l (2005)

APV Gaulin Homogeniser

SS Electrical Cabinet

Control System Siemens S7-300

Complete Documentation

New Frequency Converter for Homogeniser

incl. MCC-cabinet

(!)Plant for ESL and UHT Milk(!)

The  milk is pasteurized at high temperature with the same flavor as pasteurized milk in the traditional way with maximum shelf-life of around 45 days at 10C.
The infusion system is suitable for milk and higher quality products such as: sweet cream, creams, desserts and flavored milk.

In order to obtain the desired shelf life of ESL milk is necessary to reduce the amount of the psychrotrophic aerobic spores.The concept is based on temperatures of 145 degrees C at retention time of less than 1s. The product is heated in the infusion chamber and extrem chemical changes are avoided while extending the shelf life significantly without the usual losses as in UHT milk.

This pasteuriser is also capable of working as a direct UHT system. The holding tubes need to modified to change the retention time to 3 s.

The plant is sold including aseptic tank of 16.000 l, homogenizer, control system etc. Full documentation and shipping papers available.

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The plant was sold to Africa and is still available there in the same containers into which it has been dismantled.

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