Used 3500 l/h – 5000 l/h Milk Separator

Used SEITAL Milk Separator

Manufacturer: Seital (SPX)
Type:  SE 15X-Q1
Year of M.:  NEW
Capacity: 3500 l/h milk skimming , 5000 l/h whey skimming , 5000 l/h  milk cleaning and standardization
Motor Power: 7,5 kW

This Separator may be used for milk skimming, whey skimming and milk cleaning and standardization.

This is a self-cleaning milk and whey separator for 3500 up to 5000 l/h. For a project it was bought new, but has never been used. It is currently packed into a wooden box, ready for shipment.

All documents that come with a new separator like this are included, it is in the original state.
Additional it contains a set of standard spare parts.

Please see the following brochure for complete details:

SEITAL SE 15X Brochure

Used SEITAL Milk Whey Cream Separators

Used Whey and Milk Separator

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