Used 10000 kg / h Evaporator

Used 10000 kg / h Falling Film Evaporation Plant

Manufacturer: WIEGAND
Year of M.: 1984, Completely refurbished in 2002
Capacity: 10000 kg / h

  • Used for concentration of sweet whey and skim milk
  • Concentration up to 50 %
  • Siemens S7 Control System installed
  • Documentation available
  • Still in Production, available from February 2017

This used falling film evaporator / evaporation plant for 10000 kg / h is available for sale in Germany. It has been refurbished in 2002 and is still in production.

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Falling Film Evaporators and their technology

A Falling Film Evaporator is used in a wide range of dairy processing applications.
Recently the largest spray drying and evaporating plant has been built in New Zealand.

The Falling Film Evaporator consists of a vertical tube and shell heat exchanger arranged with a centrifugal separator.

The Milk,  Skim Milk or e.g. Whey  flows down inside the heat exchanger tube walls. The external heating heats the tubes and the thin film of milk starts to be partially evaporated.

Evaporators are available in different kinds of capacity 5000 , 15000 , 20000 , 25000, 30000 or 10000 kg/h such as our used 10000 kg / h evaporation plant.

Click here for a video which is explaining the technology behind the falling film evaporator: Used Evaporator