Used TETRA PAK A1 Filling Machine

Used Tetra Pak Aseptic A1 TFA Filling Line

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type:  A1
Year of M.: 2013 
Capacity:  4000 pcs/h 

This is a complete Tetra Pak A1 0900 Filling Machine for TFA.

Packages are available in sizes of 100, 200 , 250 and 500 ml.

The capacities will be:

500 ml : 9800 &  7300 p/h
250 ml: 12200 & 9200 p/h
200 ml: 14000 & 10500 p/h
100 ml: 15000 & 11300 p/h

It has the TFA Eco Flexo Printing function, which makes it possible to print photographic images on Tetra Fino Aseptic Packaging Material.

This A1 Filling Line is capable of filling Tetra Fino packages available in sizes from 70 to 1000 ml.

Tetra Pak Fino Aseptic packages are available for products like;

  • Juices / Nectar with Juice content from 25 up to 100 %
  • White Milk, Flavoured Milk, Drinking Yogurt, Buttermilk, Sweet Condensed Milk
  • Sports and Energy Drinks

Download Tetra Pak A1 0900 TFA Brochure

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