GEA-FINNAH UHT Plant ~ 25.000 LPH

Used UHT Plant 25000 LPH — SOLD — This is a used complete UHT plant with a capacity of up to 25.000 LPH of milk manufactured by GEA- FINNAH in 2012. It is sold complete including all necessary items like controls, homogenisationstation, milk standardisation, buffor tanks etc. Manufacturer: GEA  – FINNAH Type: UHT Plant Year of M.: 2012 Capacity: 25.000… Read More

UHT Plant ~ 30000 LPH

Used UHT Plant 30000 LPH — SOLD — This is a used GEA-FINNAH ~ 30.000 LPH UHT plant built in 1988. It includes a NIRO-SOAVI AA80 non-aseptic Homogenisator and is run by a Siemens S-5 control system. It is being sold including a 35.000 l aseptic tank. Manufacturer: GEA-FINNAH Type: UHT Plant Year of M.: 1988 Capacity: ~ 30.000… Read More