Cheese Production Lines

Complete Cheese Production Lines

Custom – Designed Cheese Production Lines

Our company has a wide experience in the design, delivery and installation of cheese production lines and complete turnkey plants. Our cheese production lines are always designed according to the customer’s requirements. We can also include used elements our lines that are available on the second hand market.

Our cheese production lines are designed according to your needs

Every cheese and therefore every cheese line is unique. Differences in market requirements also require different products. We are fully flexible in the technological design of our lines.

Every cheese column can be adopted to your needs depending on:

  • Type of cheese produced
  • Production method in a periodic or continuous system
  • Operational efficiency of the device
  • Ability to produce different types and sizes of cheese blocks
  • Addition of herbs, spices, etc.
  • Level of Automation

We deliver all components from A to Z

Our services range from planning to installation and start-up. Our components delivered may be choosen new or also used depending on the availability on the market.

Features of our complete cheese production lines

  • Complete customisation with new and used Elements (e.g. used columns, new rest)
  • Different columns and technologies for hard and semi-hard cheese types
  • Full control over product
  • Selection of levels of automation
  • Processing capacities from around 20.000 l per day up to 400.000 l per day
  • Safety systems in accordance with EU Regulations

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