Process Automation & Control Systems

Process Automation Systems Dairy

Process Automation & Control Systems for Dairy and other Industries

Our company employs their own automation system engineers. Our engineers have a thorough knowledge of processing in the dairy and food industry as we are specialised in this area. Nevertheless we can also develop and integrate control systems for the automotive industry or any other industry.

The software we use gives you the ability to precisely monitor, control and report. Internet connectivity enables quick service and, as a result, smaller losses on the part of the customer.
The systems are based on Siemens controllers, but at the customer’s request we also use drivers from other manufacturers.

Operation of our Control Systems

The system is operated by the operator via the SIEMENS operator terminal. On the panel, the operator has the ability to control individual actuators (pumps, agitators, valves) in both automatic and manual mode. In automatic mode, individual elements operate according to the written program according to a previously established and discussed algorithm of work and system cleaning.

In manual mode, the operator can control individual actuators independently of the parent program. Manual mode is used mainly during repair or maintenance works or if it is necessary to carry out tests with a new product whose technological process differs from the previously determined algorithm.

The control system is equipped with a router enabling remote access to the installation. The ordering party should ensure that the communication module is connected to the INTERNET WWW network (a permanent IP address is required).
Power cabinets are made of stainless steel or powder painted (depending on the place of foundation) and are equipped with a cooling system in the form of fans and an air intake system.

The operator or maintenance services have the possibility, from the operator panel, to calibrate analog sensors. The operator panel also provides the ability to simulate digital sensors such as: inductive sensors, tuning fork sensors. This functionality is useful in the event of failure of such a sensor during operation, the operator can simulate its condition, and the maintenance service can replace it.

By constantly developing the complexity of the offer, we cooperate with leaders in particular industries. Our clients are both large corporations and smaller companies. We have been operating in the food industry for years, and the scope of works covers all stages of implementation. From design to machine startup. We created control systems for cookie factories, in the poultry, dairy and vegetable industries.