Fermented Product Lines

Fermented Products Dairy Production Line

Fermented Dairy Product Lines

Dairy fermented products, according to the International Dairy Federation, are products obtained from whole milk, partially skimmed, completely defatted or reconstituted from milk powder, subjected to fermentation by specific microorganisms.

We offer lines for Yogurt, Kefir and Buttermilk Production

Our company offers used and new production lines for fermented dairy products. The Basic products may be split into several different types like set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt and drinking yoghurt. All these products are manufactured basically by similar processes.

Features of our fermented dairy production lines

  • Wide range of capacities from several thousand l per day to several thousand l per hour
  • Delivery of complete equipment
  • Technological design depending on the product
  • Compliance with the latest EU Regulations
  • Fully automatic control systems