Pasteurising Lines

Dairy & Food Industry Pasteurising Lines

Pasteurisation is the most important process in the production of drinking milk and an important stage in other technological processes, such as cheese making. We have explained all types of pasteurisation in our blog post about about dairy pasteurisation processes and equipment.

How does a pasteurization line work?

The product is collected from the buffer tank and directed to the regeneration section, where it is preheated with product flowing out of the holding section. After heating, it passes to the pasteurization section, where as a result of heating with hot water it reaches the pasteurization temperature set in the program.
From the pasteurization section, the product is directed to the holding section, where it is kept for a certain time at the set temperature, and then goes to the regeneration section and subsequently to the cooling section, where it cools down to the set output temperature and is transferred to the process tank

Components of our pasteurizing lines

The entire line is assembled on a stainless steel platform. The assembled line is delivered to the customer. In special cases it is possible to commission directly on site. Our lines consist of a buffer tank, a pump supplying the product as well as a booster pump. The process itself is started in the heat exchanger – a plate heat exchanger or also a tubular heat exchanger. Also included are an automatic dump valve, the tube retainer and the hot water production segment. Our lines are fully equipped with a control system

The line can optionally be connected with:

  • Creamer
  • Bactofuge
  • Degasser
  • Whipper

The control system allows the following functions: Automatic Recirculation with automatic product discharge in case of insufficient pasteurization or lack of product. A computer records the working parameters and visualizes the current operation. Start – Stop – Performance functions to change the pump parameters and control the programme. Temperature control is available for various function such as: pasteurization temperature, product ouput temperature, heating water temperature and also coolant temperature.

Our pasteurizers comply with the latest EU Regulations and include security systems to prevent mixing of pasteurized milk with unpasteurized milk. The dump valve is controlled automatically to prevent insufficient heating of milk. All temperatures and work processes are recorded.

Features of our pasteurizing lines:

  • Capacities from 500 up to 50.000 l-h
  • Fully customizable for product design
  • Fully automatic control systems and programmes
  • Compliance with latest EU – Regulations