CIP Units

CIP Unit Food Industry

CIP Units for the Dairy & Food Industry 

CIP (Cleaning In Place) means that rinsing water and solutions of washing agents circulate through tanks, pipes and process lines without having to disassemble any of the elements. The CIP process can be defined as the circulation of washing liquids through machines and devices in a closed system. The flow of liquid at high speed over the surfaces of the devices causes mechanical contamination of impurities.

A CIP Unit generally consists of the following elements: insulated containers of sour cleaning Agent and alkaline cleaning agent, rinsing water tank, secondary water tank (optional), unit for heating of washing agents, measurement and regulation of cleaning agent concentration and a control System.

The effectiveness of cleaning is ensured by flow Speed, concentration of cleaning agents, temperature and washing time.

Features of our CIP Units

  • fully customisable to customer requirements
  • system of automatic dosing of cleaning agents to a given concentration during the preparation of factors and during washing: dosing pumps of concentrated acid, soda, sensors of lack of funds
  • temperature transducer, conductance and return flow sensor
  • measurement of filling levels in the station tanks
  • measurement of the temperature of the media in the station’s tanks
  • control automation built on the basis of Siemens S7-300 PLC controller and Siemens control panel
  • the driver is equipped with the possibility of servicing via the Internet
  • the ability to download data to a Computer
  • exchange of streams with other devices
  • the possibility of washing completely automatic (according to user-defined washing programs) or manual (stepwise) feeding of washing agents
  • automatic washing station

We offer CIP washing stations designed for individual customer requirements.

Stations can have universal tracks, where individual devices can be washed from each track as well as assigned devices for a specific track.
The preparation of solutions can also take place on every track or on one, which reduces the price of the station but also reduces the functionality.

Our CIP Units are fully customizable to customer requirements.