Brine Baths

Complete Cheese Brine Bath

Brine Baths for Cheese Production Lines

In cheese, as in many food products, salt plays the role of seasoning, but at the same time it slows down the activity of leaven and bacterial processes related to cheese ripening. The introduction of salt into the sliced cheese causes the removal of more water both due to the increase in osmotic pressure and protein shedding.
During deep salting, cheeses enter the raised containers. the container has a series of pre-baked shelves successively filled with cheeses. Filling usually starts from the lowest shelf. When it becomes full, the container decreases by one layer, etc.

After removing the cheeses from the brine, they are transported to the cutting system and then packaged.
The cutting system is prepared so that one system will serve all the cheeses.

We offer used and new brine baths in connection with our cheese production lines.