Micro filtration membranes have an open structure. Most dissolved substance will pass whereas non-dissolved particles, bacteria, spores and fat are rejected.

Our Microfiltration Units may be used for:

Reduction of Bacteria

asiago• ESL Milk

Microfiltration physically removes undesired bacteria, spores, impurities etc. from the milk, leaving the milk with a high quality, pure and with no undesired changes to the chemical composition where as traditional processes as heat treatment change the composition.

• Cheese Milk

Microfiltration removes spores in milk that would normally survive a pasteurisation process.

• Milk & Whey Powders

Through removal of bacteria and spores the quality of powder is massively improved. Heat treatment may be minimized therefore saving the properties of whey and milk powders.

• Cheese Brine Sanitation

Microfiltration replaces the traditional heat treatment of bring to remove microorganisms. A high quality in terms of chemical and microbiological properties is essential for the production of cheese.

Milk Protein Fractionation

flour2_0Casein Standardisation in Cheese Milk

Casein and Whey proteins are being fractionated by the micro filtration. The concentration of casein in the cheese milk is standardized and allows a stable, uniform production process.

• Casein Production

Microfiltration can fractionate milk proteins into casein and whey proteins. The permeate contains whey proteins that may be used for
the production of liquid stabilizers, such as Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate.

Milk Fat Removal

• Protein Isolate

Micro filtration may remove fat in the production of Milk Protein Isolate or Whey Protein Isolate. The protein level should reach 85 – 90 % which makes milk fat a limiting factor.

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