Used Dairy Equipment For Sale

We are writing this article in order to attract new clients, especially dairy cooperatives, to buy our used dairy equipment instead of investing in solely new machinery.

Why should I buy used dairy equipment?

We have established our business to sell equipment straight out of dairy and food production factories to clients all over the world. We maintain high quality standards, as our equipment comes mostly fresh from production

.We try to maintain constant relationships with dairy cooperatives, dairy groups and private food processing companies. Our goal is to get information on machines and equipment for sale before the company decides to take it off-line.

This gives us enough time to look for a suitable customer. The sales price is higher for equipment that is still producing. Machines that do not produce anymore and are stored in a warehouse are worth much less.

Where can I get premium used dairy and food processing equipment?

There are many brokers, resellers and auction houses that offer it for sale. However we think it is best to buy from somebody with thorough knowledge about process technology. Therefore we closely work with PHIMAR – Process Engineering. We offer not just dairy processing plants for sale. We also offer additionally new automation systems, integration into the factory, installation and dismantling.

We provide a full support for our customers from acquisition to installation and start-up.

I am looking

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Used 10000 kg / h Evaporator

Used 10000 kg / h Falling Film Evaporation Plant

Manufacturer: WIEGAND
Year of M.: 1984, Completely refurbished in 2002
Capacity: 10000 kg / h

  • Used for concentration of sweet whey and skim milk
  • Concentration up to 50 %
  • Siemens S7 Control System installed
  • Documentation available
  • Still in Production, available from February 2017

This used falling film evaporator / evaporation plant for 10000 kg / h is available for sale in Germany. It has been refurbished in 2002 and is still in production.

For further details please send us an inquiry.


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Falling Film Evaporators and their technology

A Falling Film Evaporator is used in a wide range of dairy processing applications.
Recently the largest spray drying and evaporating plant has been built in New Zealand.

The Falling Film Evaporator consists of a vertical tube and shell heat exchanger arranged with a centrifugal separator.

The Milk,  Skim Milk or e.g. Whey  flows down inside the heat exchanger tube walls. The external heating heats the tubes and the thin film of milk starts to be partially evaporated.

Evaporators are available in different kinds of capacity 5000 , 15000 , 20000 , 25000, 30000 or 10000 kg/h such as our used 10000 kg / h evaporation plant.

Click here for a video which is explaining the technology behind the falling film evaporator: Used Evaporator




New Filtration Systems for the Dairy and Food Production Industry

Our Filtration Units for the dairy industry.


PHIMAR Filtration System offers new filtration units for the dairy and food processing industry in cooperation with PHIMAR- Process Engineering.

PHIMAR has been active on the filtration systems market since 2009. Based in Germany we offer:


  • Nanofiltration Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultrafiltration Systems
  • Microfiltration Systems
  • Capacities from 1000 l/h up to 50.000 l/h and more
  • High Quality Components
  • Siemens S7 Control Systems

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Our Services

  • Unique Design and Project Engineering by experienced technologists
  • Process Integration and Automation Systems
  • Installation and Start-Up
  • Service and Warranty

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Used Bactofuge 25000 l/h


Used GEA Westfalia Bactofuge 25000 l/h

Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type:  CNE 215-01-076
Year of M.: 2001
Capacity: 25000 LPH

We have a completely refurbished GEA Westfalia Bactofuge with a capacity of 25.000 LPH available.

Technical Details:

  • Completely Refurbished
  • New Control System
  • All Tools
  • Mounting Plate

Bactofuges are used to remove bacterial spores from milk additionally to pasteurisation processes.

For further details please send us an inquiry.




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Used Tetra Tebel Casomatic

Used Cheese Forming Columns

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Tebel
Type:  Casomatic
Year of M.:
Capacity: –

For sale are three Tetra Tebel Casomatic Cheese presse / cheese forming columns. The casomatic system is fully automatic and may be used for production of hard and semi-hard cheese.

The plant is currently located at a customer’s dairy in Eastern Europe.

For further details please send us an inquiry.


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Used APV UHT Infusion Plant VTIS with aseptic tank 16.000 l

Used APV UHT Infusion Line with VTIS

Manufacturer: APV
Type: Infusion Line for ESL and UHT Milk (with aseptic tank 16000 l)
Year of M.: 1997
Capacity: 8000 l/h

This is a used APV  UHT line with infusion system. It is capable of producing ESL (Extended Shelf Life) Milk.

Aseptic Tank 16.000 l (2005)

APV Gaulin Homogeniser

SS Electrical Cabinet

Control System Siemens S7-300

Complete Documentation

New Frequency Converter for Homogeniser

incl. MCC-cabinet

(!)Plant for ESL and UHT Milk(!)

The  milk is pasteurized at high temperature with the same flavor as pasteurized milk in the traditional way with maximum shelf-life of around 45 days at 10C.
The infusion system is suitable for milk and higher quality products such as: sweet cream, creams, desserts and flavored milk.

In order to obtain the desired shelf life of ESL milk is necessary to reduce the amount of the psychrotrophic aerobic spores.The concept is based on temperatures of 145 degrees C at retention time of less than 1s. The product is heated in the infusion chamber and extrem chemical changes are avoided while extending the shelf life significantly without the usual losses as in UHT milk.

This pasteuriser is also capable of working as a direct UHT system. The holding tubes need to modified to change the retention time to 3 s.

The plant is sold including aseptic tank of 16.000 l, homogenizer, control system etc. Full documentation and shipping papers available.

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The plant was sold to Africa and is still available there in the same containers into which it has been dismantled.

For further details please send us an inquiry.




Used 10000 l/h Milk Separator

Used Milk Separator 10000 l/h

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: HMRPX 614 HGV
Year of M.: 1995-97
Capacity: 10000 l/h

This used separator is in an excellent condition and comes:

– fully reconditioned

– new steering panel/electrical cabinet

– set of tools
– mounting plate
– tested in stock

For further details please send us an inquiry.


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Used GEA FINNAH UHT Plant 13.000 l/h

Used UHT Plant 13.000 LPH

Manufacturer: GEA Finnah
Type: T 6500/130
Year of M.: 1988/ New Tube Modules in 2007
Capacity: 13000 l/h

This used UHT plant comes including:
– Balancetank, Stainless Steel, 400l
– Centrifugal Pumps
– Tubular Heat Exchanger, GEA, VTHS 74-1,5, Year of M. 2006
– Stainless Steel Electrical Cabinet
– Homogeniser, NIRO-SOAVI, NS 41 32 H, Year of M. 1995, 13.000 l/h


For further details please send us an inquiry.



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