Complete UHT Cream Plant

Complete Cream UHT Plant for 1000 l/h

This plant is in absolutely perfect condition, available for sale in Europe. It includes all necessary equipment from the UHT Steriliser, up to Generator and Steam Boilers.

Consisting of:


UHT Cream Plant Equipment List

UHT Steriliser

  • Make: Mator
  • Type: Mator 1100
  • YoM: 1985
  • Capacity: 750 – 1100 l/h
  • Sterilisation: Max. 150C, max. 4 sec. hot keeping time
  • Homogeniser: 200 Bar “Rannie” HP/BT, Type 24.60. with frequency converter in control cabinet

MTS Valve Cluster

  • 9 Valves
  • VA Product Tubes in the Filling

VA CIP Station

  • Make: Mator
  • 3 Parts, Lye, Acid & Water Container
  • Lye and Acid Container have Steam House with temperature regulation, thermometer, level sensor, valves

Hassia Thermoforming Machine,

  • Type: TAS 24/28
  • Aseptic thermoforming machine for coffee cream portions,
  • with 30th configuration set, useable area 240×280 mm, depth 30 mm,
  • Filling max. 15 ml
  • Capacity: 22 strokes/min. or approx. 36000 cups/h,
  • Bottom foil PS or PVC, mulilayered foils as PS/PVDC/PC, or PS/EVAL/PS
  • Roll diam. max. 800 mm, covering foil 30-40 mü, AL soft or alu-laminated, roll diam. max. 400 mm
  • Connection approx. 40 KVA,
  • Vapor 30-40 kg/h, 8 bar, prssed air approx. 100 Nm3/h
  • Cooling water 300 l/h,
  • with spare parts

Thermoforming Machine

  • Formseal R,
  • Aseptic thermoforming machine for UHT coffee cream
  • Capacity: 36000 cups/h, 20 cups/stroke,
  • Cup Volume :16 cm3, width of foil 238 mm, width of Alu foil 234 mm, stroke height 170 mm
  • with spare parts

Aseptic Tank

  • Make: Alfa Laval
  • Type: Aseptic Tank
  • YoM:
  • Volume: 3500 l
  • Max. Temp.: 140 C
  • Max. Press.: 2,7 bar

Full Automatic PLC Control of complete process plant

  • Make: Mator

2 x Carton Erector, Sealer

  • Make: Buob
  • Type: Carto-Jet/Cola-Jet
  • Carton Erector & Sealer
  • Hotmelt Unit
  • „Wilett“ Ink-Jet Labeller
  • 2 Heads with weighing and controlling system
  • Boxes max. 330 x 300 x 290 mm
  • Normed sizes see Cartons
  • Connection: 3x 380 / 220 V

Screw Air Compressors


Oil water Separators

  • Total +- 100 kva

SS Milk Tanks 10000 l + 2000 l (cooled)

Ice Bank For Ice Water 1C

Emergency Generator 265 kvA Big Cam


  • 12 bar
  • 1400 kg/h (Diesel + Fuel Oil)

Cup Filling Machine

  • Volume 10 – 20g
  • 4000 cups/h


Reverse Osmosis Plant for Water


For further details please send us an inquiry.


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Used TETRA PAK A1 Filling Machine

Used Tetra Pak Aseptic A1 TFA Filling Line

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type:  A1
Year of M.: 2013 
Capacity:  4000 pcs/h 

This is a complete Tetra Pak A1 0900 Filling Machine for TFA.

Packages are available in sizes of 100, 200 , 250 and 500 ml.

The capacities will be:

500 ml : 9800 &  7300 p/h
250 ml: 12200 & 9200 p/h
200 ml: 14000 & 10500 p/h
100 ml: 15000 & 11300 p/h

It has the TFA Eco Flexo Printing function, which makes it possible to print photographic images on Tetra Fino Aseptic Packaging Material.

This A1 Filling Line is capable of filling Tetra Fino packages available in sizes from 70 to 1000 ml.

Tetra Pak Fino Aseptic packages are available for products like;

  • Juices / Nectar with Juice content from 25 up to 100 %
  • White Milk, Flavoured Milk, Drinking Yogurt, Buttermilk, Sweet Condensed Milk
  • Sports and Energy Drinks

Download Tetra Pak A1 0900 TFA Brochure

For further details please send us an inquiry.



Used UHT Plant For Sale 6000 – 12000 l/h

Used UHT Plant 6000 – 12000 LPH

Manufacturer: GEA
Year of M.: 2002
Capacity: 7000 – 15000 l/h
Product: UHT Milk and Juice

This UHT plant is located in Egypt, ready to be dismantled, shipped and loaded to Europe.

Our company can not only offer you solely the plant, but we may also offer a complete service of installation and start-up.

This used UHT plant comes including the following equipment:
– GEA Niro Soavi, Type NS 3110 / 93HA,
– Throughput 3 inch, 6000 and 12000 l/h
– Pressure 280 Bar
– 2 Stages
– YoM 2001
– GEA KN 3050, Grunfoos CRN 15 Hot Water
– DN 50
– YoM 2001 and 2011
Control Cabinet:
– Siemens S7 PLC
Plate Heat Exchanger:
– GEA UHT 6500/120
– DN 50
– 25 Bar Pressure
– YoM 2001
– Material 316L, Standard DN
UHT Holding Times:

Protein Stabilization time (120 second @ 85 : 90 C . / 12000 l/h ) (120 second @ 85 : 90 C . / 6000 l/hr )

Milk H.H time ( 5 second @140 : 142 C 12000 l/h) ( 2.5 second @140 : 142 C 6000l/h)

Juice H.H time ( 30 second @95 :105 C 12000 l/h) ( 30 second @95 :105 C 6000l/h)

– Documentation available

The aseptic tank is excluded for the offer. The programme is integrated with the running automation system, a new CPU will have to be installed and the programme transferred.

The UHT is holding tubular heat exchangers, so the internal pressure is limited to 30 bar.

For further details please send us an inquiry.


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Used 7000 – 15000 l/h UHT Plant

Used UHT Plant 7000 – 15000 LPH

Manufacturer: GEA TDS
Type: T 6500/150
Year of M.: 2002
Capacity: 7000 – 15000 l/h
Product: UHT Milk

This used UHT plant comes including:
  • all balance tanks, pumps
  • PLC/SPS with different programs, electrical cabinet
  • Homogeniser APV Gaulin, Type 132T, YoM 2003

This used UHT line is capable of running on indirect heating only.
It is still in production until Mid of 2017.

For further details please send us an inquiry.


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Used Complete Aseptic Filling Line for Tetra Paks 1l

Used Aseptic Filling Line for 1l Packs

Manufacturer: IPI
Type:  NSA 70 1l Square
Year of M.: 2010
Capacity:  4000 pcs/h 

This is a complete aseptic filling line for 1l packages of juice or milk it consists of an IPI Filling machine and also:

Cap Applicator

Manufacturer: Dominici
Type:  MT80
Year of M.: 2010
Capacity:  5000 pcs/h


Manufacturer: Autopack Co LTD
Type:  6CZA 25 FP
Year of M.: 2010
Capacity:  11 packs/min, 8 x 1l


The line has around 2000 working hours, is from year 2010 and in an excellent working condition

For further details please send us an inquiry.



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Used APV UHT Infusion Plant VTIS with aseptic tank 16.000 l

Used APV UHT Infusion Line with VTIS

Manufacturer: APV
Type: Infusion Line for ESL and UHT Milk (with aseptic tank 16000 l)
Year of M.: 1997
Capacity: 8000 l/h

This is a used APV  UHT line with infusion system. It is capable of producing ESL (Extended Shelf Life) Milk.

Aseptic Tank 16.000 l (2005)

APV Gaulin Homogeniser

SS Electrical Cabinet

Control System Siemens S7-300

Complete Documentation

New Frequency Converter for Homogeniser

incl. MCC-cabinet

(!)Plant for ESL and UHT Milk(!)

The  milk is pasteurized at high temperature with the same flavor as pasteurized milk in the traditional way with maximum shelf-life of around 45 days at 10C.
The infusion system is suitable for milk and higher quality products such as: sweet cream, creams, desserts and flavored milk.

In order to obtain the desired shelf life of ESL milk is necessary to reduce the amount of the psychrotrophic aerobic spores.The concept is based on temperatures of 145 degrees C at retention time of less than 1s. The product is heated in the infusion chamber and extrem chemical changes are avoided while extending the shelf life significantly without the usual losses as in UHT milk.

This pasteuriser is also capable of working as a direct UHT system. The holding tubes need to modified to change the retention time to 3 s.

The plant is sold including aseptic tank of 16.000 l, homogenizer, control system etc. Full documentation and shipping papers available.

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The plant was sold to Africa and is still available there in the same containers into which it has been dismantled.

For further details please send us an inquiry.




Used GEA FINNAH UHT Plant 13.000 l/h

Used UHT Plant 13.000 LPH

Manufacturer: GEA Finnah
Type: T 6500/130
Year of M.: 1988/ New Tube Modules in 2007
Capacity: 13000 l/h

This used UHT plant comes including:
– Balancetank, Stainless Steel, 400l
– Centrifugal Pumps
– Tubular Heat Exchanger, GEA, VTHS 74-1,5, Year of M. 2006
– Stainless Steel Electrical Cabinet
– Homogeniser, NIRO-SOAVI, NS 41 32 H, Year of M. 1995, 13.000 l/h


For further details please send us an inquiry.



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Tetra Pak UHT Steriliser ~ 6000 LPH

~ 6000 LPH UHT Steriliser

— SOLD —

This is a used ~ 6300 LPH UHT Steriliser by Tetra Pak, from 1995. Capacity is 6300 LPH for processing of Milk, flavoured Milk, Cream and Fruitjuice.
It has a Sattcon 15/OPC 5 control system and a Alex – 25 homogeniser. The steriliser fills into an Tetra Alsafe K115217.

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: UHT Steriliser
Year of M.: 1995
Capacity: 6300 LPH

including e.g.:
• Tetra Alex 25 Homogeniser
• Control System
• Aseptic/non-aseptic option by swing bends

Further details available on request.


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Tetra Pak UHT Steriliser 6300 LPH

Used UHT Steriliser 6300 LPH

— SOLD —

Now available we have a used UHT Steriliser, manufactured by Tetra Pak in 1995 with a capacity of 6300 LPH. It may be used for sterilising products such as Milk, Cream and Juice. It uses a Alex-25 homogeniser and fills direct into a TBA/8- 1000. The Control System uses SattCon 05-45/ OPC5.

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: UHT Steriliser
Year of M.: 1995
Capacity: 6300 LPH

including e.g.:
• Tetra Alex 25 Homogeniser
• Control System
•PHE for extra cooling

Further details available on request.


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GEA-FINNAH UHT Plant ~ 25.000 LPH

Used UHT Plant 25000 LPH

— SOLD —

This is a used complete UHT plant with a capacity of up to 25.000 LPH of milk manufactured by GEA- FINNAH in 2012. It is sold complete including all necessary items like controls, homogenisationstation, milk standardisation, buffor tanks etc.

Manufacturer: GEA  – FINNAH
Type: UHT Plant
Year of M.: 2012
Capacity: 25.000 LPH

Complete including e.g.:

• Buffor Tanks
• Pumps
• Tubular Heat Exchangers
• Sterilisation Unit
• Milk Standardization etc.

Further details available on request.


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