Complete Cheese Production Line

Complete Cheese Production Line This complete cheese production line is capable of producing hard cheeses like Gouda, Edamer or Tilsiter. It will become available in 2018 as it is currently still in production. The used cheese production line consists of: Make: Different Year o. M.: 2002 / 2003 Modernisation of Press / Bath-Section in 2010… Read More

Used Ultrafiltration Plant for Milk 23000 l/h

Used Ultrafiltration Plant Available for sale is this used ultrafiltration plant with a capacity of processing 23000 LPH of skim milk. Manufacturer: LTH Dresden Type: Ultrafiltration Capacity: 23000 l/h of skim milk Product Data: Skim Milk at 10 C Concentration Factor: 1,5 to 2 = 5-6,7 % Protein remaining   For further details please send us an inquiry. CONTACT 

Used 7000 – 15000 l/h UHT Plant

Used UHT Plant 7000 – 15000 LPH Manufacturer: GEA TDS Type: T 6500/150 Year of M.: 2002 Capacity: 7000 – 15000 l/h Product: UHT Milk This used UHT plant comes including: all balance tanks, pumps PLC/SPS with different programs, electrical cabinet Homogeniser APV Gaulin, Type 132T, YoM 2003 This used UHT line is capable of running on indirect heating… Read More

Used Complete Pasteurization and Milk Filling Line

Used Pasteurization 2500 l/h, milk processing and filling line This is a complete milk pasteurization, filling and packaging line into PET bottles for 2500 l/h. It consists of the following: Separator Seital, Type SE13x, Year 1993, 2500 l/h Heat Exchanger KMA, Type K21-FS/4273, Year 1998, 2500 l/h Homogeniser Niro Soavi, NS 3018-H, Year 1998, 2500… Read More

Used APV UHT Infusion Plant VTIS with aseptic tank 16.000 l

Used APV UHT Infusion Line with VTIS Manufacturer: APV Type: Infusion Line for ESL and UHT Milk (with aseptic tank 16000 l) Year of M.: 1997 Capacity: 8000 l/h This is a used APV  UHT line with infusion system. It is capable of producing ESL (Extended Shelf Life) Milk. Including: Aseptic Tank 16.000 l (2005) APV Gaulin Homogeniser… Read More

Used GEA FINNAH UHT Plant 13.000 l/h

Used UHT Plant 13.000 LPH Manufacturer: GEA Finnah Type: T 6500/130 Year of M.: 1988/ New Tube Modules in 2007 Capacity: 13000 l/h This used UHT plant comes including: – Balancetank, Stainless Steel, 400l – Centrifugal Pumps – Tubular Heat Exchanger, GEA, VTHS 74-1,5, Year of M. 2006 – Stainless Steel Electrical Cabinet – Homogeniser, NIRO-SOAVI, NS 41… Read More

2 x Used UHT Plant 13.000 LPH

2x Used UHT Plant 13.000 LPH Available for sale: Two Used UHT Plants, each with a capacity of 13.000 LPH. Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Type: Steritube 13 Year of M.: 1996 Capacity: 13000 l/h Milk 0 – 3,5 % Temperature Programme: 5-75-137-80-25°C Manufacturer: GEA FINNAH Type: 6500/130 Year of M.: 1988 Capacity: 13000 l/h For further details please send us an inquiry. CONTACT 

Tetra Pak UHT Steriliser ~ 6000 LPH

~ 6000 LPH UHT Steriliser — SOLD — This is a used ~ 6300 LPH UHT Steriliser by Tetra Pak, from 1995. Capacity is 6300 LPH for processing of Milk, flavoured Milk, Cream and Fruitjuice. It has a Sattcon 15/OPC 5 control system and a Alex – 25 homogeniser. The steriliser fills into an Tetra Alsafe… Read More