Dairy Pasteurisation Processes & Equipment

Which Equipment is used to pasteurise normal and UHT milk and what is the process behind it?

We offer a large variety of used and new pasteurizing equipment for the dairy and food industry. In the following article we would like to describe the basic pasteurization techniques for interested students and professionals in the industry.

Why is milk pasteurised?

In modern dairy processing milk needs to undergo a heat treatment process the so-called pasteurisation. Milk in its pure form is the perfect ground for growth of bacteria. Before milk was subject to heat treatment in the 19th Century many diseases were spread by milk. Louis Pasteur made studies about heat treatment of milk as a preservation technique. Pasteurisation has the purpose to increase shelf life of milk by treating the milk with certain temperatures at certain times. The Absence of phosphatase enzymes which are destroyed by heat and time indicates that the Pasteurisation process was successful. Also pasteurisation kills organisms like tubercle bacteria, coliform bacteria

Pasteurisation is the combination of temperature and time.

Microorganisms are killed by heat treatment at certain temperatures and time. Some bacteria types may react already at a holding time of 20 seconds at 70 deg. C where others need longer e.g. 2 minutes.

Does pasteurisation have negative effects?

By heating the milk and killing bacteria that might lead to infection or reduction of shelf life also other factores like taste, appearance and nutritional values may be affected. Intense heating may lead to a burnt taste or denaturation of proteins and have an effect on the nutritional values. The time and temperature treatment must be optimised for different purposes. If the protein content is reduced too much the milk may not be usable for the production of cheese anymore.

Pasteurization Methods

The following main methods are currently used to pasteurize milk in modern dairy production:

  • Thermization
  • HTST Pasteurization (Milk)
  • HTST Pasteurization (Cream)
  • Ultra Pasteurisation (ESL – Extended Shelf Life)
  • UHT (Sterilization)


Thermization is mainly used to pasteurize the milk directly after reception and prevent the formin of spore-forming bacteria. Normally the milk should be pasteurised e.g. by normal pasteurisation or UHT as soon as possible after reception and latest within 24 hours. If the milk is to be stored in large tanks for many hours or days the thermization process is needed.

By law it is forbidden to pasteurize milk twice therefore thermization uses a lower temperature of approximately 63 – 65 deg. C where the milk is held for around 15 seconds. This treatment prevents the bacterial growth for a certain time. After heat Treatment the milk is cooled down in a short time to 4 deg. C.

HTST Pasteurization (High Temperature Short Time)

HTST stands for high temperature short time. Depending on different Parameters the time and temperature may vary. Normally HTST is performed at 72 to 75 deg. C and a holding time of 15 to 20 seconds.

Milk & Cream Pasteurisation

The traditional way of pasteurization includes a time of 15 to 20 seconds at 72 to 75 deg. C. This process treats mainly milk and destroys unfavourable enzymes and bacteria inside the milk. Cream has a higher fat content than milk and must therefore use a temperature of approximately 80 deg. C and a holding time of five seconds. The temperature is higher and the Holding time lower to prevent any burned taste.

Ultra Pasteurization or ESL

Pasteurised products have a shelf life of around 14 days. This shelf life can be increased by the use of Ultra Pasteurisation. The hygenic requirements are higher than for pasteurised milk e.g. in the filling and packaging section. The milk is heated to 125 – 138 deg. C for a time of 2 to 4 seconds and then cooled quickly below 7 deg. C.

UHT Milk Pasteurization

Ultra High Temperature treatment uses even higher temperatures then ESL Treatment on milk. The temperatures range from 135 to 140 deg. C. The holding time is only a few seconds as in ESL treatment. There are different methods of to heat up the milk either by direct heating or indirect heating.

Indirect heating and cooling is used in heat exchangers where the milk passes it’s heating medium in a different tube / plate channel and therefore has no direct contact. Direct heating uses steam injection or Infusion of milk into steam. The milk is in direct contant with the medium and hygenic Standards are also requirement for the steam.

Complete Cheese Production Line

Complete Cheese Production Line

This complete cheese production line is capable of producing hard cheeses like Gouda, Edamer or Tilsiter. It will become available in 2018 as it is currently still in production.

The used cheese production line consists of:

Make: Different

Year o. M.: 2002 / 2003

Modernisation of Press / Bath-Section in 2010 / 2011

Capacity:2400 kg / h

40. – 50.000 kg daily / 20 h production

Cheese Types:Gouda, Edamer, Tilsiter

Consisting of:

Cheese Vats 6 pcs.


YoM 1984 / 1992 / 1999

12000 l each



Curdpump incl. Valves

Wheysuction with Pump

Cheese Portioning and Pressing Section

Cheese Portioning

TETRA PAK, Casomatic MC, YoM 2002

2400 kg /h

Pressing Section


Portioning by Casomatic with 2 columns

2 pcs. Buffertanks with 12000 l each

Cheese Press for 240 Forms


Transportconveyors for forms

Blower, YoM 2010

Form Magazine for 4 Formats

Control System modernised in 2010

approx. 250 Cheese Forms


250 mm Diameter

5 kg Product Weight

4 Forms / Block

Following formats were also used but are not sold:

16 cm Diameter 1,2 kg Weight , 6 Forms / Block

32 cm Diameter 7,5 kg Weight, 2 Forms / Form

Stickform 30 x 10 x 10 cm, 3 kg Weight, 5 Forms / Block



Immersion Type with 2 hydraulically operated cages


Siemens S 7 Control System

For further details please send us an inquiry.


Complete UHT Cream Plant

Complete Cream UHT Plant for 1000 l/h

This plant is in absolutely perfect condition, available for sale in Europe. It includes all necessary equipment from the UHT Steriliser, up to Generator and Steam Boilers.

Consisting of:


UHT Cream Plant Equipment List

UHT Steriliser

  • Make: Mator
  • Type: Mator 1100
  • YoM: 1985
  • Capacity: 750 – 1100 l/h
  • Sterilisation: Max. 150C, max. 4 sec. hot keeping time
  • Homogeniser: 200 Bar “Rannie” HP/BT, Type 24.60. with frequency converter in control cabinet

MTS Valve Cluster

  • 9 Valves
  • VA Product Tubes in the Filling

VA CIP Station

  • Make: Mator
  • 3 Parts, Lye, Acid & Water Container
  • Lye and Acid Container have Steam House with temperature regulation, thermometer, level sensor, valves

Hassia Thermoforming Machine,

  • Type: TAS 24/28
  • Aseptic thermoforming machine for coffee cream portions,
  • with 30th configuration set, useable area 240×280 mm, depth 30 mm,
  • Filling max. 15 ml
  • Capacity: 22 strokes/min. or approx. 36000 cups/h,
  • Bottom foil PS or PVC, mulilayered foils as PS/PVDC/PC, or PS/EVAL/PS
  • Roll diam. max. 800 mm, covering foil 30-40 mü, AL soft or alu-laminated, roll diam. max. 400 mm
  • Connection approx. 40 KVA,
  • Vapor 30-40 kg/h, 8 bar, prssed air approx. 100 Nm3/h
  • Cooling water 300 l/h,
  • with spare parts

Thermoforming Machine

  • Formseal R,
  • Aseptic thermoforming machine for UHT coffee cream
  • Capacity: 36000 cups/h, 20 cups/stroke,
  • Cup Volume :16 cm3, width of foil 238 mm, width of Alu foil 234 mm, stroke height 170 mm
  • with spare parts

Aseptic Tank

  • Make: Alfa Laval
  • Type: Aseptic Tank
  • YoM:
  • Volume: 3500 l
  • Max. Temp.: 140 C
  • Max. Press.: 2,7 bar

Full Automatic PLC Control of complete process plant

  • Make: Mator

2 x Carton Erector, Sealer

  • Make: Buob
  • Type: Carto-Jet/Cola-Jet
  • Carton Erector & Sealer
  • Hotmelt Unit
  • „Wilett“ Ink-Jet Labeller
  • 2 Heads with weighing and controlling system
  • Boxes max. 330 x 300 x 290 mm
  • Normed sizes see Cartons
  • Connection: 3x 380 / 220 V

Screw Air Compressors


Oil water Separators

  • Total +- 100 kva

SS Milk Tanks 10000 l + 2000 l (cooled)

Ice Bank For Ice Water 1C

Emergency Generator 265 kvA Big Cam


  • 12 bar
  • 1400 kg/h (Diesel + Fuel Oil)

Cup Filling Machine

  • Volume 10 – 20g
  • 4000 cups/h


Reverse Osmosis Plant for Water


For further details please send us an inquiry.


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Used 4000 – 6000 l/h Homogeniser

Used 4000 up to 6000 l/h Homogeniser

Manufacturer: HPM (Bertoli)
Type:  B37, sanitary design
Year of M.:  NEW
Capacity: 4000 , 5000 , and 6000 l/
Pressure: 250 bar, 2 stages
Power: 37 kW

Products: Milk, Cream, Kefir, nothing with sugar or salt in it

This is a completely new HPM Homogeniser usable for Milk or Cream with 5000 l/h capacity. For a project it was bought new, but has never been used. It is currently packed into a wooden box, ready for shipment.

This is a brochure containing the most important data for this used homogeniser:

Used HPM B37 5000 l/h Homogeniser


Used 5000 l/h Homogeniser






For further details please send us an inquiry.



Used 3500 l/h – 5000 l/h Milk Separator

Used SEITAL Milk Separator

Manufacturer: Seital (SPX)
Type:  SE 15X-Q1
Year of M.:  NEW
Capacity: 3500 l/h milk skimming , 5000 l/h whey skimming , 5000 l/h  milk cleaning and standardization
Motor Power: 7,5 kW

This Separator may be used for milk skimming, whey skimming and milk cleaning and standardization.

This is a self-cleaning milk and whey separator for 3500 up to 5000 l/h. For a project it was bought new, but has never been used. It is currently packed into a wooden box, ready for shipment.

All documents that come with a new separator like this are included, it is in the original state.
Additional it contains a set of standard spare parts.

Please see the following brochure for complete details:

SEITAL SE 15X Brochure

Used SEITAL Milk Whey Cream Separators

Used Whey and Milk Separator

For further details please send us an inquiry.



Used Dairy Equipment For Sale

We are writing this article in order to attract new clients, especially dairy cooperatives, to buy our used dairy equipment instead of investing in solely new machinery.

Why should I buy used dairy equipment?

We have established our business to sell equipment straight out of dairy and food production factories to clients all over the world. We maintain high quality standards, as our equipment comes mostly fresh from production

.We try to maintain constant relationships with dairy cooperatives, dairy groups and private food processing companies. Our goal is to get information on machines and equipment for sale before the company decides to take it off-line.

This gives us enough time to look for a suitable customer. The sales price is higher for equipment that is still producing. Machines that do not produce anymore and are stored in a warehouse are worth much less.

Where can I get premium used dairy and food processing equipment?

There are many brokers, resellers and auction houses that offer it for sale. However we think it is best to buy from somebody with thorough knowledge about process technology. Therefore we closely work with PHIMAR – Process Engineering. We offer not just dairy processing plants for sale. We also offer additionally new automation systems, integration into the factory, installation and dismantling.

We provide a full support for our customers from acquisition to installation and start-up.

I am looking

For further details please send us an inquiry.




Used Casomatic Euroblock Cheese Pressing Line

Used Cheese Forming & Pressing Line

Manufacturer: Tetra Tabel
Type:  Casomatic
Year of M.:  1990
Capacity: 750 kg/h, although could be up to 2000 kg/h

This is a available cheese forming / production and pressing line available for sale straight from a European dairy company. It does not contain cheese vats and salt bath. It is capable of manufacturing cheese like Gouda , Edamer , Tilsit and Russian Types.

It consists of:

  • Two Tetra Tebel Casomatic Columns
  • 72 Euroblock Forms
  • Form Washer
  • Conveyors
  • Space need approximately 30 x 10 m

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For further details please send us an inquiry.



Used Cup Filling & Sealing Machine 95 mm

Used Ampack Amman KF 1/4 Cup Filling & Sealing Machine 95 mm

Manufacturer: Ampack Amman
Type:  KF 1/4
Year of M.:  1998
Capacity: 7000 cups / h

This beautiful used cup filling & sealing machine is available for sale in a Germany dairy.
It is capable of filling products such as Yoghurt or Cream.

It is sold incl.:

  • Cup magazine
  • Cup and Lid Sterilisation (H2O2)
  • Closed Sterile Air Filling Compartment
  • Maindosing System
  • Sealing Station
  • Printing
  • End-Conveyor

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For further details please send us an inquiry.



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