Complete Cheese Production Line

Complete Cheese Production Line This complete cheese production line is capable of producing hard cheeses like Gouda, Edamer or Tilsiter. It will become available in 2018 as it is currently still in production. The used cheese production line consists of: Make: Different Year o. M.: 2002 / 2003 Modernisation of Press / Bath-Section in 2010… Read More

Used Casomatic Euroblock Cheese Pressing Line

Used Cheese Forming & Pressing Line Manufacturer: Tetra Tabel Type:  Casomatic Year of M.:  1990 Capacity: 750 kg/h, although could be up to 2000 kg/h This is a available cheese forming / production and pressing line available for sale straight from a European dairy company. It does not contain cheese vats and salt bath. It is capable of… Read More

Used Cup Filling & Sealing Machine 95 mm

Used Ampack Amman KF 1/4 Cup Filling & Sealing Machine 95 mm Manufacturer: Ampack Amman Type:  KF 1/4 Year of M.:  1998 Capacity: 7000 cups / h This beautiful used cup filling & sealing machine is available for sale in a Germany dairy. It is capable of filling products such as Yoghurt or Cream. It is sold… Read More

Used TETRA PAK A1 Filling Machine

Used Tetra Pak Aseptic A1 TFA Filling Line Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Type:  A1 Year of M.: 2013  Capacity:  4000 pcs/h  This is a complete Tetra Pak A1 0900 Filling Machine for TFA. Packages are available in sizes of 100, 200 , 250 and 500 ml. The capacities will be: 500 ml : 9800 &  7300 p/h 250… Read More

Used UHT Plant For Sale 6000 – 12000 l/h

Used UHT Plant 6000 – 12000 LPH Manufacturer: GEA Year of M.: 2002 Capacity: 7000 – 15000 l/h Product: UHT Milk and Juice This UHT plant is located in Egypt, ready to be dismantled, shipped and loaded to Europe. Our company can not only offer you solely the plant, but we may also offer a complete service of installation… Read More

Used Ultrafiltration Plant for Milk 23000 l/h

Used Ultrafiltration Plant Available for sale is this used ultrafiltration plant with a capacity of processing 23000 LPH of skim milk. Manufacturer: LTH Dresden Type: Ultrafiltration Capacity: 23000 l/h of skim milk Product Data: Skim Milk at 10 C Concentration Factor: 1,5 to 2 = 5-6,7 % Protein remaining   For further details please send us an inquiry. CONTACT