Aseptic & UHT Equipment

Used Aseptic & UHT Processing and Filling Equipment for the dairy and food production industry.



UHT Process has the goal to minimize and destroy all unnecessary microorganisms, bacteria to make the product sterile. The product is heated to above 135°C. A UHT Line consists of a sterilizer and the attached aseptic packaging / filling machine.

Products that may be run on UHT treatment are milk, flavored milk, creams and many other.  We usually offer used UHT plants that are capable of direct or indirect UHT Treatment. Within indirect heating the product directly comes into contact with the heating source (plate or tubular heat exchanger). Direct heating is done through steam injection and rapid flash cooling so the product does not touch the heating source.

Alternatively, as smell or taste may be changed by too long treatment at high temperatures, the product may be heated to 72°C for a minimum of 15 seconds. This process is called Hight Temperature Short Time Pasteurization, does not have a large influence on the taste, however the shelf life is reduced in comparison to UHT.

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